History of the Name

The name “Mason’s” was derived from John Mason, a sailor and colonizer who mapped and discovered the early waterways in our beautiful region of Maine. In 1622, Mason and fellow explorer Sir Fernando Gorges were granted the territory between the Merrimack and Kennebec rivers called the Province of Maine. The two split the territory along the Piscataqua River in a 1629 pact that resulted in the Province of New Hampshire being formed by Mason in the south and New Somersetshire being created by Gorges to the north, in what is now southwestern Maine. The present Somerset County in Maine preserves this early nomenclature.

Science Meets Passion

Science Meets Passion

Beer may be one of the world’s oldest beverages, but today it’s made with the latest technologies. A beautiful blending of history, passion and science produces a consistent, quality product. From malting to mashing, boiling to fermentation, sampling to pouring, we know that the brewing process needs more than just passion; it needs science!

With a comprehensive understanding of the brewing process (through years of experience), our founding members have an intense dedication to the craft and place quality above everything else. Regardless of the style, true beer lovers know that one excellent pint will always be more enjoyable than three inferior ales.

We take pride in creating the perfect beer with precision, hard work and quality ingredients, whether we are reinventing a traditional style or creating a new, exhilarating taste.